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 ListBuilding – Giving Away Free Stuff

A very popular  method of list building are the big Internet giveaways where lots of people submit products that are available for free in exchange for a newsletter sign up. These are excellent ways to rapidly build your list – though be aware that freebie seekers may not make for the most responsive of lists.

Great ideas for Free Giveaways:

1) eBooks

2) Sign up bonuses

3) Special Reports

4) Contest or Sweepstakes

5) Guest blogging

6) Forum

7) Free webinar

8) Join groups on various social media sites and answer questions

9) Hangout Google+ answer questions

10)  Use your business cards creatively

11) Squeeze page


Write an eBook about your niche and give it away for free.  Your eBook should have your website link watermark on each page to lead back to you.

Sign up bonuses 

Offer your visitors a bonus if they sign up for your newsletter, e.g. “20% off XYZ for readers” or a number of e-books or reports that will be of interest to them.

Special Report

This same concept is being used effectively when customers wish to access exclusive information. If you can provide a compelling body of information in the form of a special report you might make it available to site membership.

Many will sign up for the information and assist you in your list building objectives.

Contest or Sweepstakes

The more appealing your offer the more it will get attention.   Make sure you have a clear call-to-action.  Everyone loves to win something.  It could be a free book, or something related to your niche.

Guest Blogging

Guest blog on a similar niche blog or have a guest blogger on your site and you will be able to introduce your list to theirs and vice versa. 


Answer questions in your expertise on forums.


Hold a free Webinar and promote it on all social media and other advertisement.

Join groups on various social media sites and answer questions

Join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc and answer questions  or participate in their contests.

Hangout Google+ answer questions

Conduct a hangout section on Google and answer questions or have a how to lesson

Use your business cards creatively

Leave your business card wherever you go, along with tips, at the grocery store, counters where permitted, drop a few here or there where pedestrians will sure to pick them up.

Squeeze pages should be designed to offer a clear navigation system, basic structure and template and a compelling offer. 

To summarize, your list building funnel consists of three major parts:

1: Squeeze Page With Opt-In Form
2: Compelling High Quality Offer or Incentive
3: Follow Up Emails And Broadcasts


You could also offer:

  • Free Tutorial Guides
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free or Trial Access To a Membership Program
  • Free Booklet with “Top Tips”
  • Free Weekly Newsletter Subscription
  • Free templates or graphics
  • Free Audio Interviews, Lessons, Tutorials


The key to creating a successful giveaway product is in its overall relevancy and existing demand.

We’ve all heard about, read about or even been subjected to some of the amazing ‘free’ offers on the web. You know the kind where they offer an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean – all you have to do is click the link. You can get caught in an endless maze of offers and promises. In the end you click away from the site because you realize you rarely get anything for free and this tactic requires recruiting and an ultimate purchase from someone?  Endless stream of emails begin to arrive.

This tactic has had an amazing impact on list building. Netrepreneurs have found thousands of unsuspecting subscribers through the use of this tactic.

If you make sure the ‘FREE’ section indicates there is no cost or obligation you will likely receive several requests for whatever free product sample you are offering and you have added names to your list in a way that may be more cost effective than other means.

The same concept can be applied to downloads of specific site only information, screensavers, video and audio. Each of these signups can further your ability to grow your list for additional marketing strategies.

In spite of the fact that consumers have been burned by ‘free’ gifts there are still many who are willing to see if there really are free gifts to be had.

When you can prove that there really is value in exchange for their contact information they may find a level of trust that has them coming back for more.

Treat customers with the respect and honesty.

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